Cock-A-Doodle-Doo is a family owned and operated business serving Florida for  20 years.  We have been putting smiles on the faces of not only little ones but those of all ages.


From Fun to Education we have just what you need.  


Enjoy our Petting Zoo full of all of your favorite farm animals.  

Our animals also make a wonderful addition for your Live Nativity...Journey thru Bethlehem!


Cowboys & Cowgirls saddle up for our Giddy Up Pony Rides.


Want to experience things that creep, crawl and slither?  Then book our Reptile Show for your next special event.


Most parties wouldn't be a party without some Cotton Candy, Popcorn or Sno-Cones.  Yummy!


Everyone enjoys a carnival.  We provide the games and the prizes to make your next Carnival Theme party a blast!


Arts & Crafts...we have that too!  Spin Art & Sand Art...Let's get Creative!


We can't forget the Trackless Train that will put that extra excitement into festivity fun.


From the backyard party to the 5 star resorts we have been providing high quality entertainment for 20 years.



​Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Reptile Show, Hayride, Train, Canival Games, Spin Art, Sand Art, Glitter Tattoos, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Sno-Cones, Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and More!

We will provide the BEST Entertainment for your:

Birthday Party, Summer Camp, School, Church, Corporate Picnic, Grand Opening, Festival, Carnival, Assisted Living, Fundraiser, All Occasions

Entertaining from Orlando to Miami


Email: candace@adoodle.com

Family Owned & Operated  -   USDA Licensed & Insured  -  Palm Beach County Park Vendor

Boca Raton

Boca Raton Petting Zoo

Boca Raton Pony Rides

Boca Raton Reptile Show

Boca Raton Carnival Games

Boca Raton Trackless Train

Boca Raton Birthday Party Rentals

Boca Raton Children Party Rentals

Boca Raton Kids Party Rentals

Boca Raton Party Rentals


Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach  Petting Zoo

Boynton Beach Pony Rides

Boynton Beach Reptile Show

Boynton Beach Carnival Games

Boynton Beach Trackless Train

Boynton Beach Birthday Party Rentals

Boynton Beach Children Party Rentals

Boynton Beach Kids Party Rentals

Boyonton Beach Party Rentals


Delray Beach

Delray Beach Petting Zoo

Delray Beach Pony Rides

Delray Beach Reptile Show

Delray Beach Carnival Games

Delray Beach Trackless Games

Delray Beach Birthday Party Rentals

Delray Beach Children Party Rentals

Delray Beach Kids Party Rentals

Delray Beach Party Rentals


East Palm Beach

East Palm Beach Petting Zoo

East Palm Beach Pony Rides

East Palm Beach Reptile Show

East Palm Beach Carnival Games

East Palm Beach Trackless Games

East Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals

East Palm Beach Children Party Rentals

East Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals

East Palm Beach Party Rentals


Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound Petting Zoo

Hobe Sound Pony Rides

Hobe Sound Reptile Show

Hobe Sound Carnival Games

Hobe Sound Trackless Train

Hobe Sound Birthday Party Rentals

Hobe Sound Children Party Rentals

Hobe Sound Kids Party Rentals

Hobe Sound Party Rentals


Jensen Beach

Jensen Beach Petting Zoo

Jensen Beach Pony Rides

Jensen Beach Reptile Show

Jensen Beach Carnival Games

Jensen Beach Trackless Train

Jensen Beach Birthday Party Rentals

Jensen Beach Children Party Rentals

Jensen Beach Kids Party Rentals

Jensen Beach Party Rentals






Jupiter Petting Zoo

Jupiter Pony Rides

Jupiter Reptile Show

Jupiter Carnival Games

Jupiter Trackless Train

Jupiter Birthday Party Rentals

Jupiter Children Party Rentals

Jupiter Kids Party Rentals

Jupiter Party Rentals


Lake Worth

Lake Worth Petting Zoo

Lake Worth Pony Rides

Lake Worth Reptile Show

Lake Worth Carnival Games

Lake Worth Trackless Train

Lake Worth Birthday Party Rentals

Lake Worth Children Party Rentals

Lake Worth Kids Party Rentals

Lake Worth Party Rentals



Lantana Petting Zoo

Lantana Pony Rides

Lantana Reptile Show

Lantana Carnival Games

Lantana Trackless Games

Lantana Birthday Party Rentals

Lantana Children Party Rentals

Lantana Kids Party Rentals

Lantana Party Rentals


Martin County Florida

Martin County Florida Petting Zoo

Martin County Florida Pony Rides

Martin County Florida Reptile Show

Martin County Florida Carnival Games

Martin County Florida Trackless Games

Martin County Florida Birthday Party Rentals

Martin County Florida Children Party Rentals

Martin County Florida Kids Party Rentals

Martin County Florida Party Rentals


North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach Petting Zoo

North Palm Beach Pony Rides

North Palm Beach Reptile Show

North Palm Beach Carnival Games

North Palm Beach Trackless Train

North Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals

North Palm Beach Children Party Rentals

North Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals

North Palm Beach Party Rentals



Orlando Petting Zoo

Orlando Pony Rides

Orlando Reptile Show

Orlando Carnival Games

Orlando Trackless Train

Orlando Birthday Party Rentals

Orlando Children Party Rentals

Orlando Kids Party Rentals

Orlando Party Rentals

Palm Beach

Palm Beach Petting Zoo

Palm Beach Pony Rides

Palm Beach Reptile Show

Palm Beach Carnival Games

Palm Beach Trackless Train

Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals

Palm Beach Children Party Rentals

Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals

Palm Beach Party Rentals


Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Petting Zoo

Palm Beach County Pony Rides

Palm Beach County Reptile Show

Palm Beach CountyCarnival Games

Palm Beach County Trackless Train

Palm Beach County Birthday Party Rentals

Palm Beach County Children Party Rentals

Palm Beach County Kids Party Rentals

Palm Beach County Party Rentals


Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens Petting Zoo

Palm Beach Gardens Pony Rides

Palm Beach Gardens Reptile Show

Palm Beach Gardens Carnival Games

Palm Beach Gardens Trackless Games

Palm Beach Gardens Birthday Party Rentals

Palm Beach Gardens Children Party Rentals

Palm Beach Gardens Kids Party Rentals

Palm Beach Gardens Party Rentals


Palm City

Palm City Petting Zoo

Palm City Pony Rides

Palm City Reptile Show

Palm City Carnival Games

Palm City Trackless Games

Palm City Birthday Party Rentals

Palm City Children Party Rentals

Palm City Kids Party Rentals

Palm City Party Rentals


Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Beach Petting Zoo

Royal Palm Beach Pony Rides

Royal Palm Beach Reptile Show

Royal Palm Beach Carnival Games

Royal Palm Beach Trackless Train

Royal Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals

Royal Palm Beach Children Party Rentals

Royal Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals

Royal Palm Beach Party Rentals


South Florida

South Florida Petting Zoo

South Florida Pony Rides

South Florida Reptile Show

South Florida Carnival Games

South Florida Trackless Train

South Florida Birthday Party Rentals

South Florida Children Party Rentals

South Florida Kids Party Rentals

South Florida Party Rentals

St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County Petting Zoo

St. Lucie County Pony Rides

St. Lucie County Reptile Show

St. Lucie County Carnival Games

St. Lucie County Trackless Train

St. Lucie County Birthday Party Rentals

St. Lucie County Children Party Rentals

St. Lucie County Kids Party Rentals

St. Lucie County Party Rentals



Stuart Petting Zoo

Stuart Pony Rides

Stuart Reptile Show

Stuart Carnival Games

Stuart Trackless Train

Stuart Birthday Party Rentals

Stuart Children Party Rentals

Stuart Kids Party Rentals

Stuart Party Rentals



Tequesta Petting Zoo

Tequesta Pony Rides

Tequesta Reptile Show

Tequesta Carnival Games

Tequesta Trackless Games

Tequesta Birthday Party Rentals

Tequesta Children Party Rentals

Tequesta Kids Party Rentals

Tequesta Party Rentals



Wellington Petting Zoo

Wellington Pony Rides

Wellington Reptile Show

Wellington Carnival Games

Wellington Trackless Games

Wellington Birthday Party Rentals

Wellington Children Party Rentals

Wellington Kids Party Rentals

Wellington Party Rentals


West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Petting Zoo

West Palm Beach Pony Rides

West Palm Beach Reptile Show

West Palm Beach Carnival Games

West Palm Beach Trackless Train

West Palm Beach Birthday Party Rentals

West Palm Beach Children Party Rentals

West Palm Beach Kids Party Rentals

West Palm Beach Party Rentals



Okeechobee Petting Zoo

Okeechobee Pony Rides

Okeechobee Reptile Show

Okeechobee Carnival Games

Okeechobee Trackless Train

Okeechobee Birthday Party Rentals

Okeechobee Children Party Rentals

Okeechobee Kids Party Rentals

Okeechobee Party Rentals


          We Bring it To YOU!


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